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Staff Application


If you wish to serve the good people of Hysteria, keep it safe from hackers, monitor rude players and much more, joining the staff is a great place to be! You may apply to become a Helper at the bottom of this page. This is the first rank before becoming an Administrator. Helpers have limited permissions. Players must play on Hysteria for at least 6 months before becoming Helpers. If they wish to advance to administrator, they must have a stellar record, have been a helper for at least 3 months and pay the $15 USD entry fee. Administrators are the final staff rank, which have almost full permissions to the server. Hysteria wishes only the best for its players and community. That being said, it requires some help by its community; you! Hysteria is a forever growing server and community, therefore needs extra helping hands to keep it a safe and comfortable place to play in. By becoming staff, you pledge to make Hysteria a better place.