Terraria Basic Guide

You can learn how to play Terraria with the help of this basic Guide.

Hysteria Server Guide

Hysteria is a SSC server (server side characters), meaning players cannot bring in items from other servers or from single player worlds. You must earn your way to the top by fighting monsters, killing bosses, discovering loot in the world, digging for treasure or any other means possible. At first, the strongest weapons and armors will be locked. You will need to pick a class with “/up”. Once that is done, you can kill whatever you can to earn as many gems as possible. Then, you may increase your level with the “/up” command. Then, level your way to the top to equip stronger gear.

Ways to earn gems:
/battle <1-5> – Join a battle and kill enemies for gems.
/bet <amount> <risk 1-5> – Bet your gems to lose or gain some more.
/shop boss – Buy boss-summoning items to earn gems.
/vote – Voting is a good, easy way to earn daily gems.

Get a base up and running!
Use teleportation potions to get as far away from spawn as possible.
/house define – Protect your home area.

You can find a list of player commands here.

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