Magic Class



Magic wielders use the power of magic to defeat their enemies at a distance.

Level 1-19 - Wizard

Lvl. 1
Access to the Magic Shop
Flower of Fire
Water Bolt
Bee Gun
Magic Missile
Aqua Scepter
Space Gun
Magic Missile
Meteor Armor
Lvl. 5
Poison Staff
Flying Carpet
Ancient Cobalt Armor
Lvl. 10
Can Summon Bosses
Frost Staff
Medusa Head
Cursed Flames
Fin Wings
Creeper Egg
Slimy Saddle
Honeyed Goggles
Hardy Saddle
Fuzzy Carrot
Golden Fishing Rod
Hotline Fishing Hook
Lvl. 15
Can Start Old One’s Army
Golden Shower
Wasp Gun
Crystal Vile Shard

Level 20-39 - Sorcerer

Lvl. 20
Book of Skulls
Clinger Staff
Ice Rod
Demon Scythe
Demon Wings
Angel Wings
Cobalt Drill
Cobalt Pickaxe
Cobalt Chainsaw
Cobalt Waraxe
Cobalt Armor
Lvl. 22
Palladium Drill
Palladium Pickaxe
Palladium Chainsaw
Palladium Waraxe
Palladium Armor
Lvl. 24
Mythril Drill
Mythril Pickaxe
Mythril Chainsaw
Mythril Waraxe
Mythril Armor
Lvl. 25
Venom Staff
Rainbow Rod
Portal Gun
Lvl. 26
Orichalcum Drill
Orichalcum Pickaxe
Orichalcum Chainsaw
Orichalcum Waraxe
Orichalcum Armor
Lvl. 28
Adamantite Drill
Adamantite Pickaxe
Adamantite Chainsaw
Adamantite Waraxe
Adamantite Armor
Lvl. 30
Laser Rifle
Spirit Flame
Staff of Earth
Heat Ray
Magical Harp
Sky Fracture
Magic Dagger
Cursed Flames
Crystal Storm
Bone Wings
Harpy Wings
Bat Wings
Fairy Wings
Butterfly Wings
Bee Wings
Dual Hook
Titanium Drill
Titanium Pickaxe
Titanium Chainsaw
Titanium Waraxe
Titanium Armor
Lvl. 35
Life Drain
Spectre Staff
Flower of Frost
Apprentice’s Armor

Level 40-59 - Warlock

Lvl. 40
Crystal Vile Shard
Inferno Fork
Crystal Serpent
Shadowflame Hex Doll
Meteor Staff
Unholy Trident
Tome of Infinite Wisdom
Lightning Aura Rod
Flameburst Rod
Explosive Trap Rod
Ballista Rod
Fairy Bell
Festive Wings
Frozen Wings
Leaf Wings
Flame Wings
Blessed Apple
Ancient Horn
Pickaxe Axe
Hallowed Armor
Lvl. 50
Rainbow Gun
Nettle Burst
Leaf Blower
Shadowbeam Staff
Worm Hook
Tendon Hook
Thorn Hook
Illuminant Hook
Dark Artist’s Armor

Level 60-79 - Illusionist

Lvl. 60
Magnet Sphere
Bat Scepter
Lightning Aura Cane
Flameburst Cane
Explosive Trap Cane
Ballista Cane
Tattered Fairy Wings
Spooky Wings
Beetle Wings
Scaly Truffle
Anti-Gravity Hook
Spooky Hook
Christmas Hook
Chlorophyte Drill
Chlorophyte Pickaxe
Chlorophyte Chainsaw
Chlorophyte Greateaxe
Chlorophyte Jackhammer
Chlorophyte Armor
Lvl. 70
Reserved Server Slot
Toxic Flask
Wasp Gun
Blizzard Staff
Fishron Wings
Steampunk Wings
Spectre Wings
Mothron Wings
Betsy’s Wings
Lvl. 75
Can Start Invasions

Level 80-89 - Enchanter

Lvl. 80
Bubble Gun
Razorblade Typhoon
Betsy’s Wrath
Gravity Globe
Leinfors’ Prehensile Cloak
Arkhalis’s Lightwings
Red’s Wings
Skiphs’s Paws
Jim’s Wings
Loki’s Wings
Yoraiz0r’s Spell
Lazure’s Barrier Platform
Cenx’s Wings
D-Town’s Wings
Crowno’s Wings
Will’s Wings
Reindeer Bells
Cosmic Car Key
Brain Scrambler
Wisp in a Bottle
Magic Lantern
Butcher’s Chainsaw
The Axe
Spectre Pickaxe
Spectre Hamaxe
Spectre Armor
Lvl. 85
Charged Blaster Cannon
Lightning Aura Staff
Flameburst Staff
Explosive Trap Staff
Ballista Staff

Level 90-100 - Archmage

Lvl. 90
Lunar Flare
Nebula Arcanum
Nebula Blaze
Suspicious Looking Tentacle
Stardust Pickaxe
Vortex Pickaxe
Solar Flare Pickaxe
Shroomite Digging Claw
Stardust Hamaxe
Nebula Hamaxe
Vortex Hamaxe
Solar Flare Hamaxe
Cell Phone
The Grand Design
Static Hook
Lunar Hook
Lvl. 95
Laser Machinegun

Nebula Armor
Lvl. 100
Last Prism
Laser Drill
Shrimpy Truffle

Solar Wings
Stardust Wings
Vortex Booster
Nebula Mantle