Join the Staff!


Administrators are the final staff rank with most server permissions. Their job is to overwatch the server and ensure everyone is playing fairly and nicely. To become an administrator, a player must already be a Helper for at least 3 months. Hysteria wishes only the best for its players and community. That being said, it requires some help by its community; you. Hysteria is a forever growing server and community, therefore needs extra helping hands to keep it a comfortable place. By becoming staff, you pledge to make Hysteria better place. Helpers may apply for the administrator rank here.


Requirements, Rules and Responsibilities:

  • You must speak the English language fluently.
  • Help everyone in need and be an asset to our server.
  • Move NPC’s back to their proper housing.
  • Young children play Terraria. Ensure it stays a PG place.
  • Be polite towards other players, and treat them as your equals. You are a moderator to serve and to protect. You are not above anyone else.
  • Take action against players who are caught cheating, spawning in items, exploiting game mechanics, etc. (You must provide proof in our discord chat room. If you do not, they may be un-banned in the event of an appeal)
  • You may be reported by other players if you display rude, annoying or generally bad behavior.
  • Any sign of abuse of power will result in an immediate revocation of your moderator status without refund.
  • There is no age requirement for becoming staff, but you must have a mature state of mind nonetheless.
  • Have good communication skills. Some players may be difficult to reason with, it is important to remain calm, collected and logical.
  • Remain unbiased (not involving personal feelings) when taking action towards players.
  • Have good knowledge of how the server functions. (commands etc.)
  • You are not obligated to spend lots of time on our server. You can play as much or as little as you want.
  • Help players whenever they require legitimate assistance, even if they did not ask you directly.
  • You may not take action against or towards players based on personal feelings. All actions taken must be from a logical and reasoned point of view.
  • If you feel an action should be taken against a player, as long as it makes logical sense and is a fair decision, you are entitled to take it.
  • Players who are rude, racist, sexually explicit should be warned, and if they persist, muted. They still should have the right to play, but lose their right to communicate.
  • You may host boss events, drop parties, gem giveaways whenever you wish.
  • The barn contains thirty-four horses. Remember this for the application.
  • Players may not be permanently banned without solid evidence.
  • Please make sure you are 100% sure beyond reasonable doubt before banning a player.
  • When banning players, it is advised you must make them aware of their appealing rights on this website.
  • When banning a player, please post it in the correct discord channel. (#courtroom)
  • Commands may never be used to fulfill personal needs or anyone else’s. Commands are solely for helping players, solving issues, building, etc.
  • Hysteria strongly believes in the honor system.


Perks and Rewards:

  • Private, administrator-only discord channel.
  • Reserved server slot.
  • Access to all class items, shops and services. You are still bound by character level, however. This means you can access the magic shop even as a summoner for example.


Commands and Tools:

  • You may use the Rod of Discord to inspect player housing or to generally get around. Do not abuse it. You may not use it for personal gain, or anybody else’s personal gain.
  • Can build and modify player homes.
  • Can build anywhere in world.
  • Can move NPC’s.
  • ‘/promote “player name”‘ – Promote a player to the Helper rank.
  • ‘/demote “player name”‘ – Demotes a player to the default rank.
  • “/heal” – Can heal anyone.
  • “/grow” – Can grow something.
  • “/sm <mob name> <amount>” – Spawns up to 200 mobs around you.
  • “/godmode” – Sets godmode.
  • “/slap <player>” – Slap a player.
  • “/kill <player>” – Kill someone.
  • “/tp <player>” – Teleport to a player.
  • “/tphere <player>” – Teleport a player to you.
  • “/tpnpc <NPC name>” – Teleports to any NPC.
  • “/ban add <player> “reason”” – Ban a player permanently.
  • “/ban addtemp <player> xd/xh “Reason”” – Ban a player temporarily. ‘x’ should be replaced with a number.
  • “/ban del <player>” – Unban a player.
  • “/kick <player>” – Kick’s a player from the server.
  • “/mute add <player>” – Mute a player permanently.
  • “/mute add <player> xd/xh” – Mute a player temporarily. ‘x’ should be replaced with a number.
  • “/mute del <player>” – Unmute a player.
  • “/warn <player> <reason>” – Warns a player with a slap, rocket and chat broadcast.
  • “/time <time>” – Set the server time.
  • “/clear item/npc <radius>” – Clear objects from the map.
  • “/warp <add/del> <name>” – Add or remove a warp location.
  • “/broadcast <message>” – Broadcast a message in the entire server.
  • “/userinfo <player>” – Show a player’s details.
  • “/spawnboss <name>” – Spawn a boss.
  • “/invade <invasion name>” – Causes an invasion.
  • “/eclipse” – Causes an eclipse.
  • “/bloodmoon” – Causes a bloodmoon.
  • “/fullmoon” – Causes a fullmoon.
  • “/rod” – Gives you a rod of discord.



  • Once you are approved, an email will be sent to you and you will be asked to pay $15 USD in order to complete your application. This payment is a precautionary measure to ensure you take this role seriously and filter out players who are not serious about helping out.
  • You will then be promoted to the Administrator rank.
  • Later staff ranks will never require extra payment. This payment is final.
  • Please read our terms of conditions before applying.