Hysteria uses a RPG-type class and ranking system. Players must choose a class and level up in order to become stronger. Here are all the classes, and what they do.

Melee   Magic   Ranged   Summoner

Helper   Administrator

Common Player Commands

A list of most useful player commands that anyone can use.

“/help” – Displays all possible commands.
“/register <password>” – Create a unique account saved on our server.
“/login <password>” – Log into your account.
“/vote” – Vote for daily rewards and promote the server.
“/up” – Level up.
“/derank” – Restart to the default rank.
“/changepassword <oldpassword> <newpassword>” – Change your password.
“/warp <location>” – Warp somewhere.
“/warp list” – Show all warps.
“/spawn” – Returns you to spawnpoint.
“/me <message>” – Emote.
“/w <player> <message>” – Send a private whisper.
“/r <message>” – Reply to last whisper.
“/p <message>” – Send a message to party.
“/who” – Display online players.
“/motd” – Display message of the day.
“/afk” – Tell players you are away from keyboard and/or busy.
“/sethome” – Set your home.
“/myhome” – Teleport to said home.
“/house define” – Used to protect an area.
“/house info” – Display information about the home you are standing in.
“/house scan” – Scan surroundings for homes with a wire tool.
“/house share <player>” – Share your house with someone.
“/house unshare <player>” – Unshare your house with someone.
“/house del” – Delete home you are standing in.
“/suicide” – Meet your maker.
“/rules” – Display hysteria’s rules.
“/balance” – Display your bank account’s balance.
“/pay <amount> <player>” – Pay someone some gems.
“/bank pay “player name” <amount>” – Old command. (More reliable)
“/balall” – Show all players’ balances.
“/discord” – Show server’s Discord link.
“/steam” – Show server’s Steam link.
“/report” – Displays instructions on how to report bugs or players.
“/classes” – Show all server’s classes and what they do.
“/shop” – Display the shop.
“/battle” – Enter the arena and fight to the death!
“/bet <amount> <risk level 1-5>” – Bet some Gems.

Banned Items List

All Chairs
All Sofas
All Benches
All Couches
All Beds
All Stools
All Explosives
Bottomless Water Bucket
Super Absorbant Sponge
Drill Containment Unit
Coin Gun
Rocket II
Rocket IV
Queen Statue
Actuation Rod
Thrown Powder
Thrown Water
Enchanted Sundial
Target Dummy
Announcement Box
Note: All of these can be used by moderators and administrators except explosives and DCU.